Sunday, August 25, 2013

SURGE - March madness 3-13

My little STUD!!  LOVE watching this kid play ball! Thank goodness he got Chad's athleticism and my brains!!  Ha ha!! We had a blast at March Madness in St. George this year.  Got to see Kareena and Liz (my college roomies).  Can't wait for next year!

Lil Miss Halli

This is lil miss Halli! Erik, Tanya, Jordan and the rest of the Huff Fam are SOOOO happy she's here!!



Syd's softball team....... INFERNO!
LOVE these girls!  Each of them are amazing!!  I love watching them play, and believe me we watch A LOT!!  There were several times this spring and summer that these lil gals played 9 yes 9 games in 1 day.  The last 3 tournaments they played in they were undefeated.  This is Syd's second year on this team. Hoping they stay together up to high school ball!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The New Pad

Our New Stompin Ground

We've been trying to buy this lil piece of Heaven for almost 2 years!
Worth the wait.  Love it.  Settled.  Home sweet home. 2 acres in sweet Benjamin.  So happy it finally happened.  Can't slap the smile off our faces!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rodeo....Fiesta Days... still my favorite Holiday

 I know
She cracks me up
 Yee HAW
 They're wierd....
A little camera shy

July 2012

 Erik, Tanya, Linds, Dez
 My favorite bro
 They love the back of the truck..... we call them the migrant workers
Syd, Tofer, Oliva
 Don't tell his dad
She really does like the rodeo

Dixon Family reunion 2012, Zions Ponderosa

                                           Mylee, Jordan & Syd getting ready to ZIPPPPP
 Always posin....
 take off.....
 At the end of the day..... they really only want to swim
 who wouldn't at this joint?
 Our stompin ground for the week
 She crazy.....
 and she knows it
Wait what???

Devin turns 10! July 11, 2012

I only got one boy....dang it!  But he has the energy of at least 3! Dev had a lil birthday par-tay at the benjamin park.  They played night games and watched a movie on a projector.  Look a Syd, she kills me!!  Shes a pretty good sport though!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Shelbee bawled her eyes out when the zombies were wandering through the audience.  My dad told her not to worry because he learned how to kick their butts in the Army.  When it was over and she was asleep we scored a pic with one of the zombies.  The other kids thought it was great!